Overview of Design Services

Conceptualizing business themes & values to bring your vision to life

Creating websites that function beautifully on all types of devices

Creating an online presence for your business that feels just as welcoming and helpful as your physical presence

Creating promotional material designs for your business (such as business cards, bookmarks, thank-you notes)

• Photography & videography for your business (such as product photography, business event videography)

Algorithm-conscious social media management (such as content creation, interactions, responding to DMs) 

Video editing and clip composition

• Photo manipulation services (such as background removal and scan cleanups)

Web Design Services

I am proficient in WordPress web design.

Click the button below to explore the website I built for ALL Landscaping Co.

Video Editing Services

I am proficient in video editing & clip composition. I use Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021.

Click the button below to watch a video I composed for ALL Landscaping Co.

Graphic Design Services

I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 for all design work. I am proficient in Photoshop and can accomplish virtually any design task asked of me using this program. Thanks to my strong knowledge of color theory and design concepts, I am able to create dynamic and compelling compositions at a very efficient pace.

This customer requested a galaxy-themed custom banner for her online blog. She mentioned she loved the aesthetic of mushrooms and wanted the trans pride flag incorporated into the design. Each mushroom was cut out, edited and placed individually to create a dynamic and totally unique composition. I overlaid the trans pride flag onto the text.

I created this icon for one of my Discord servers.

Online Gaming Designs

I created these designs for fellow players of the game © Horse Reality by Deloryan Studios, where I am known as Mercurie. I use Adobe Photoshop for all designs. This is an online game which realistically simulates competitive horse breeding, genetics, conformation showing & athletic competitions. Unlike other games in this genre, © Horse Reality is highly strategic and complicated, and therefore caters to an older demographic.


Players may choose to commission a graphic designer for a number of reasons. The most common reason is to advertise their studs and create flawless branding themes for their estates. Some players also have breeding groups or exclusive clubs that they need graphics for.


There are many adult players who take the game quite seriously, as they spend a lot of “RLC” (real-life cash) to keep their herds among the elite rankings. My designs cater to these high-end breeders, who demand the highest possible quality of work. I often must work quickly to keep up with the pace of the game. A full profile set is typically composed of a banner, an avatar, and several stud cards & headers. I save the PSD templates so customers can request additional work or edits at any time.


Please note that the horse art featured in these designs is owned by © Horse Reality.

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Photo Manipulation Services

Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, I am able to provide photo manipulation services, such as background removal/replacement, scan cleanups & more.



This customer had taken a photo of their new tree frogs inside a plastic container, but found the plastic distracting and wanted a photo that looked more realistic. They asked me to remove the plastic background and replace it with something natural. 




For this project, I started by scanning my colored pencil drawing of a plumeria flower. I then used Photoshop to clean up the scan and created an appliqué of the flower to use in digital designs & compositions.


For example purposes only. The information on this business card is outdated.